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To provide a quick and secure way to support CBC, we have attached a list of individual and corporate support opportunities.

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The Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean is dedicated to finding and removing trash and marine debris from the ocean and working with waterfront groups, municipalities, non-profits, individuals, sailing centers, yacht clubs and people who want to protect the water to get cleaning and spread the word about marine debris, it's prevention and how to be part of the solution.

We will be in your area to spread the word, look for and clean up trash and demonstrate how our equipment works. Join us at Community Boating Center in Providence on Wednesday, August 11 from 9 am to 4 pm. You will learn about marine debris and how it affects the Providence River (and attached Atlantic Ocean) and you can check out the ROV and sonar flying around the river bottom - you never know what we will find.

In addition, you can be part of the solution during the month of August by voting for us on the Pepsi Refresh Project. Once registered (they do not fill your inbox with spam), it will only take 60 seconds per day to vote for us. And if you really love your oceans clean, after you vote please spread the word to your friends on email, on Facebook, tweet it to the world, tell people on forums, stop strangers at the dock or street.... every vote counts. And the seas are connected so a vote for any clean ocean, river or bay, is a vote for your clean ocean, river or bay.
Voting link:

Check us out on or join the conversation on our Facebook page (rozalia project) but most importantly, please help us take action against the garbage patches that are growing in all of our planet’s oceans by voting every day of August.

Here is what you can do:
1. Vote for us on or text 101390 to PEPSI (73774) every day of August.
2. Cut, paste and send the intro below to all of your friends.
3. Use your social media to spread the word... tweet, post, blog.
4. If you would like daily reminders and facts about marine debris, become a fan on Facebook or email me directly.
5. Have a great August hopefully swimming, surfing, sailing and enjoying an about to be cleaner ocean.

Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean is a non-profit organization run by Rachael Z. Miller and James Lyne, both sailors who live (when not cleaning the ocean) in Vermont. Our mothership is American Promise, Dodge Morgan’s famed circumnavigator, past sail training vessel for the US Naval Academy and now an ocean trash hunter. In addition to nets we use a combination of ROV and sonar to search the sea floor for trash and debris. We are dedicated to clean oceans everywhere but are operating on the Northeast coast of the US.

Community Boating Center (CBC) is a non-profit, 501c3 recreational organization offering all members of the community an opportunity to sail. Located in India Point Park, CBC provides outreach, sailing lessons and affordable access to the Providence waterfront. Gifts of cash or property to CBC may be treated as charitable donations for Federal Tax purposes.

For additional information contact:

John O'Flaherty
Executive Director
Community Boating Center
tel: 401.454.SAIL (7245)

Learn more: Rozalia Project Blog