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To provide a quick and secure way to support CBC, we have provided a donation link and attached a list of individual and corporate support opportunities.

Community Boating Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Thank You!

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Sailing Leadership Forum

Award Presented at Sailing Leadership Forum

US Sailing Training Awards acknowledge and reward the people and programs who provide superior education and training. These accolades raise the quality of sailing education and access throughout the country. These awards are presented at the awards dinner, held in conjunction with the Sailing Leadership Forum.

Captain Joe Prosser Award Presented to Community Boating Center

Prosser Award

The Captain Joe Prosser Award was created to recognize the life achievement of the Merchant Marine Academy’s first sailing master, Captain C.A. “Joe” Prosser, USMS.

The award recognizes an organization that, “embodies all characteristics of sportsmanship: namely honor, integrity and a selfless dedication to the sport.”

The award is made annually to an organization which has, in the opinion of the US Sailing Training Committee, made an exemplary contribution toward improving the quality and safety in the training or instruction of sailors.

“We thank you for the work that you and the Center are doing, and for being a leader in the sailing industry. Your contributions to sail training, combined with your innovative approach to programming, have positioned your organization as a leader in the industry. Because of your consistent excellence, US Sailing and the Training Committee would like to extend our deepest thanks and congratulations.”

See more at: US Sailing Training Awards


Captain Joe Prosser Award – Community Boating Center Providence

The Community Boating Center (CBC) in Providence, R.I., embodies exactly what a sailing center should be. Through the leadership of John O’Flaherty, CBC’s Executive Director, they offer the type of quality, affordable programming that any organization, public or private, should provide. From a small organization that opened their doors in 1994, they’ve grown into a player within the Providence network. They have a boathouse and a fleet of over 60 boats.

CBC is a pioneer in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through sailing programming. The relationship with US Sailing and CBC has grown, with much of the focus continuing to be on STEM. With John’s help the US Sailing Reach Initiative was launched, and as Reach has grown, so has the national awareness of what CBC has accomplished. US Sailing recognized them as the first “Reach Center of Excellence” in 2015. They’ve created strong partnerships with local organizations, including the Providence After School Alliance and the Boys and Girls Clubs through the Reach program. US Sailing asks all our Reach Centers to go through an assessment to determine program quality but the evaluator we use originated from CBC.

For his contributions to public access sailing, John was awarded the 2015 Marty Luray Award, community sailing’s highest honor. His ability to see the big picture, while not losing sight of the details, has allowed CBC to grow to where it is today, as well as assist US Sailing is making the Reach Initiative the National Standard for STEM Education. His efforts, with the support of CBC, have helped create resources that programs of all types have been able to apply.

In addition to the trophy, a $500 credit funded by US Sailing’s Training Committee will be awarded annually to the selected school or program for Instructor Training

John O’Flaherty, Executive Director of CBC commented, “Community Boating Center is honored to join the ranks of organizations dedicated to sail training excellence.”

Community Boating Center (CBC) is a non-profit, 501c3 recreational organization offering all members of the community an opportunity to sail. Located in India Point Park, CBC provides outreach, sailing lessons and affordable access to the Providence waterfront. Gifts of cash or property to CBC may be treated as charitable donations for Federal Tax purposes.

For additional information contact:

John O'Flaherty
Executive Director
Community Boating Center
tel: 401.454.SAIL (7245)