Parent/ Child Guidelines
We need your help and involvement to reinforce all the positive aspects of your child’s experience at CBC.

If you have any questions concerning our Parent/ Child Guidelines, please contact the Director at 401-454-7245 or We’re here to make your child’s sailing experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

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> Daily Schedule

> Expectations For Behavior

Parental Involvement
We need your help to reinforce all the positive aspects of your child’s experience at CBC. Talking with your child about his/ her class experience is a great opportunity to share newly learned skills and build a dialog that:

Sailing and paddling are challenging sports that encourage and require a healthy lifestyle. Help us prepare your child for a full day on the water with these simple, important guidelines that will help sailors and paddlers alike to learn properly, and enjoy their experience:

Daily Schedule

*Custom group after-school sailing times may differ as scheduled

Expectations For Behavior

CBC has developed rules and procedures to help ensure a safe, rewarding, and fun learning environment. It is important that you and your child review these guidelines. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.

  1. Listen to adults at all times.
  2. Use kind words.
  3. Always stay in the cockpit while sailing or paddling
  4. No rough play! (It is unsafe.)
  5. Be helpful to your crew (rigging and de-rigging the boat!)
  6. Keep your hands in the boat and to yourself!
  7. No throwing the gravel on the land.
  8. Do not go past the green line without your life jacket.
  9. Your life jacket must be zipped & clipped.
  10. HAVE FUN!

Verbal or physical abuse, or behavior that jeopardizes your child’s safety or that of anyone else in the program will not be tolerated. Failure to observe the rules and procedures vary according to the nature of the infraction, but can include loss of boating privileges and/ or program expulsion. All students will be accountable to the following three-step system:

Step 1 - This step is a first warning. Parents will be notified of the incident and will receive a written note describing the incident.

Step 2 - At the second step, a discussion will be held with parents. The student will receive a brief suspension from the program. The student and parents will also be reminded that a third step could result in a suspension from the rest of the session.

Step 3 - At the third step, a meeting will be called with the Director. The student will receive an extended suspension from the program, possibly suspension for the remainder of the session. You will not be refunded your payment in this situation.

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