How Do I Volunteer?
If you would like to volunteer for CBC, please contact the Director at 401-454-7245 or Volunteers for programs and events are always needed and welcome!

> Sailing Volunteers/ Instructors
> Membership Outreach/ Reception
> Fundraisers/ Writers
> Teachers/ Program Leaders
> Videographers/ Photographers
> Boat Maintenance/ Groundskeepers

Sailing Volunteers/ Instructors
We have a steady need for skippers in our beginner and outreach classes.

Membership Outreach/ Reception
Help with membership events for individuals, singles, and families.
Help with data entry, application processing, and answering phones.

Fundraisers/ Writers
Work with committees on initiatives to expand our programs.
Help with newsletters, soliciation letters, and community outreach.

Teachers/ Program Leaders
Help develop specialty youth programs, curriculum, and activities.

Videographers/ Photographers
Capture the fun of our fundraising and youth events!

Boat Maintenance/ Groundskeepers
Help us repair, wash, wax, and rig our fleet to Bristol condition.
Help keep our building and site clean, (weeding, raking, etc.)

Online Help
To provide faster online help, we have attached a list of frequently asked questions.

Still don't find what you need?
Contact us at 401.454.SAIL (7245)
or and we'll be happy to assist you.

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